The Cinema PSYOPS podcast is a weekly film review podcast where we experiment on an impressionable mind to find out why physical wounds heal, but cinematic ones don’t.

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Cinema_PSYOPS_EP465: Slasher Silliness Special: Death Screams 1982 (Main Feed)

Nine teenagers who live in a small North Carolina town go to the local carnival and have lots of fun. What they don't know is: a killer is stalking them! This film is ...

Cinema_PSYOPS_EP464: Al Adamson Fest: Uncle Tom's Cabin 1976 (Main Feed)

A sadistic plantation owner pushes his slaves to the point of rebellion.Legion Patreon: Discord:

Cinema_PSYOPS_EP463: Al Adamson Fest: Black Samurai 1976 (Main Feed)

When the daughter of a royal family is held hostage, an agent for "D.R.A.G.O.N." will stop at nothing to destroy the evil organization which abducted her.Legion Patreo...

Cinema_PSYOPS_EP462: Al Adamson Fest: Black Heat 1976 (Main Feed)

A Las Vegas detective tries to foil a gang of criminals dealing arms to Central America.Legion Patreon: Discord: ht...

Cinema_PSYOPS_EP461: Al Adamson Fest: Nurses for Sale 1975 (Main Feed)

Hamburg ship captain Markus Jolly is hired to transport a vaccine to a Latin American port. When the precious cargo is stolen by mobsters, he is falsely accused of eng...

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